VR Coaster is the leading one-stop-provider for turnkey LBE VR Attractions around the world. Our in-house team of artists, software developers and engineers not only creates amazing VR experiences, but also develops all the specialized hard- and software that is needed for robust and reliable Location Based VR Entertainment. From ultra-robust outdoor headsets to staggering visual quality, we provide everything you need to amaze your guests!

VR Coslutions


your RIDE

Almost any roller coaster or ride can get equipped with the VR Coaster tracking hardware, With the years of experience at MACK Rides and EMIS, the VR Coaster equipment is a reliable and robust onboard hardware system, developed for 
the tough conditions of a roller coaster, drop tower or other dynamic ride attraction.

Upgrade your ride

Design your own story

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Let us know your ideas and our creative team will work out an exciting VR experience for you – or let us adapt one of our existing library contents to your ride layout. 

And if you’re not sure how VR will feel on your ride, we’re happy to visit your venue for a free demo installation!

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Our in-house artists create the cutting-edge VR media, tailored for your ride attraction, while our engineers will take care of implementing the technical tracking system.

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After commissioning your VR installation and training your operators, you can amaze your guests with the unique VR Coaster ride experience – and even monetize VR as an optional up-charge offer.

pico vr coaster headset
vr controller
custom vr headset
VR Coaster® is dedicated to fostering a global partnership network to ensure that we can ensure the best VR Attractions, and deliver powerful integrated solutions to end users.


Outdoor VR without burnmarks: We‘ve developed a unique, patented Sun Protection System for the highly sensitive LCD optics of today‘s VR glasses, without useless coatings or filters.

Otherwise, incoming sunlight would damage the displays within seconds – even in buildings when the sun shines through windows.

Our Sun Protection modification finally enabled outdoor VR use and works perfectly in many sunny theme parks and outdoor venues all around the world!

custom vr headset


You won‘t find this level of visual VR quality anywhere else in the industry:

Our unique graphics system combines 6K panoramic video in stereoscopic 3D at full 60 frames per second with interactive realtime objects.

Your guests will not just watch a flat video: We create real 3D vision with beautiful detail and super smooth animation. Our framework even allows for the integration of spatial live action actors, right inside the VR world!

On top of the pre-rendered environment, realtime 3D allows for interaction, gaming and stunningly three-dimensional up-close objects: Turn your head and look around your virtual body, cockpit structures or the monsters in front of your face – experience VR how it‘s meant to be!

Our creative team offers decades of expertise in 3D realtime content creation and works with passion to bring your ideas to life!

high quality vr media

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Highest resolution pre-rendered panoramic video, combined with realtime 3D objects allows for the highest visual VR quality in the industry.

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stereo 3d

Stereo 3d

Not just a flat video: Experience true spatial 3D vision with unlimited detail, even allowing for the integration of live action actors!

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Dive into VR worlds with perfectly fluent animations, combined with crystal-clear and ultra-sharp visuals.



Our unique Attraction Management System provides detailed insights into usage numbers, maintenance and operations support as well as facilitated VR content management. 

Depending on your specific attraction, our AMS helps operating your installation as easy, efficient and profitable as possible.