Get the original experience from the Inventors: Since 2014, the team of VR Coaster® combines Virtual Reality with real forces, real drops and real airtime to create the most amazing ride experience ever!

VR Coaster® provides turnkey software and hardware solutions to extend your rides.

Roller Coasters

Roller Coasters

The Classic VR Coaster® experience, and it never gets old: Upgrade your roller coasters with storytelling and exciting adventures. From space battles to riding a flying dragon, anything is possible – even interaction and gaming! 

Our team provides the turnkey software and hardware solution to extend your ride. 

With our latest generation of durable VR hardware, operations are easy, reliable and come without any loss in capacity.
Use our COASTIALITY content library on a revenue share or licensing basis – or let our creative team produce a totally new VR experience for you, based on your IPs and ideas.

Interested? Ask us for a free demo installation!

Drop Towers

Drop Towers

Maximum Airtime: Although pretty much the same technology as on the roller coasters, the VR experience on a drop tower is more intense and very unique. No other attraction combines media based storytelling with true zero gravity.

We have equipped the tallest drop towers of the world and also the smallest. On a classic drop tower, you can have storytelling and interaction on the way up – and when the drop starts, we can tilt the VR view 90° down into the abyss: Let your guests face vertically down while free falling, without any engineering!

For smaller, family-friendly towers that performs several drops, VR can turn these into full-fledged Roller Coaster Rides with a minimal foot print.

Through our partnership with Zierer, we can immediately extend any of their Family Freefall Towers in no-time! 

Feel free to ask us for a demo installation.


YULLBE GO is a high-performance, flexible Free Roaming VR System that is very easy to operate.


Our SwimVR underwater technology allow for amazing VR attractions in water parks, municipals, or hotel resorts.