Our team of visionary creatives and engineers are working with passion on groundbreaking VR Experiences and other kinds of high-end digital content productions.

vr team

This is VR Coaster

Alexander Bouquet

Björn Pfeilschifter

Christian Roder

Christian von Elverfeldt

Daniel Hilpert

Dennis Gordt

Dennis Rappl

Dennis Toni Würger

Gabriel Schneider

Hermann Fuchs

Janosch Obenauer

Jean-Yves Kimenau

Joline Platte

Jordan Masserann

Julian Herbold

Kim Michelle Treib

Matthias Franz

Melissa Marie Schramm

Michael Heyse

Michael Mack

Oliver Queck

Philip Greiner-Petter

Robin Herrmann

Sabrina Fischer

Stefan Müller

Stefanie Haupt

Stephan Kazek

Thomas Wagner

Thomas Faul

Tirsa Reeh

Victoria Herrmann

Yves Bartsch

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