Our platform

Our platform

VR Coaster® delivers best-in-class tailored and stable VR experiences. Experience creativity and technical excellence : from stunning visuals serving exciting stories to seamless integration through versatile deployment. Explore our digital platforms, empowering seamless management for enhanced rollercoaster experiences.

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Coastiality – immerse & multiply the thrills

The thrill of a rollercoaster ride combined with a unique VR experience: COASTIALITY combines two exciting experiences to create a very special form of entertainment. Because right at the start of the rollercoaster ride, visitors find themselves in a film! Provide a fascinating story in virtual reality while doubling on the excitement as the ride goes up and down at heart thrilling speed.

Create experiences full of surprises, entertaining your guests with physically tangible thrills, while offering twice the fun.

AMS – SINGLE APP TO MANAGE all your vr-based experiences

Our unique Attraction Management System provides detailed insights into usage numbers, maintenance and operations support as well as facilitated VR content management. 

Depending on your specific attraction, our AMS helps operating your installation as easy, efficient and profitable as possible.